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Examining the Value of a VoIP System

When you have finally decided to upgrade your business’ phone service to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the next thing you will likely need to take care of is the cost and financial feasibility. The low cost of VoIP in Singapore is still its most attractive feature. It is the number one feature that service providers believe companies want.

If you see the promotional and marketing materials of voice over IP service providers, you will immediately notice that the price sticker is the most highlighted part. Surely, there will be other features posted as well, but the price is the most prominent in most advertisements.

There is actually nothing wrong with such marketing strategy, since the cost is absolutely one of the major factors to consider before purchasing a plan from a VoIP service provider in Singapore. But instead of focusing only on the price, you also have to examine the features and other possible costs that you may incur to meet the needs of your company.

Expenses of VoIP Service

One of the first things you will encounter is the varying prices of vendors. You may find it overwhelming to compare prices from different vendors as their packages are so varied. There is hardly a baseline that you can compare against, but it is still possible to compute the total costs of a potential plan from a Singapore voip company service provider. VoIP service providers will bill you on a monthly basis, so it shouldn’t be hard to come up with an estimate.

Improved Infrastructure

Singapore may be one of the most developed countries in the world, but not all companies and organizations in the country have advanced network already in place. Sometimes, you need to establish a second connection if the first one is not fast enough or replace a few routers with newer and more advanced ones to accommodate the growing demands of telecommunication. You may even have to switch vendors if your service provider can no longer support your requirements for additional VoIP traffic. Moreover, Voice over IP has security considerations, which will require specialized software and hardware. Everything comes with a price, and you should factor it into the cost of your Voice over IP plan.

Purchase of VoIP Compatible Phones

Most small and medium enterprises here in Singapore do not have complex requirements for phone service. If you are already running on robust wireless network and a high speed internet connection, then all you need are a few VoIP phones. Unlike conventional phones, you do not need one for every desk, office or employee. You have the option to use a mix of headsets connected to the computer, mobile phones and desk phones. This means, if your employees are already using smart phones, which most probably they already are, you’ll have much lesser expenses from buying compatible phones. All they need to do is download a voice over IP app, and their personal phone can already function as an IP phone.

Training and Customization

Some businesses, particularly the larger ones, may need to allot a budget for the training of employees to effectively use the new system. However, for most end users, help guides, manuals and answer queries in the system are enough to walk them through the functionalities of the new phone system. If your voice over IP plan is highly customized or will be used on very specific scenarios, then it becomes imperative to have resources readily available for employee training.

Comparison of Offers

Although it was said earlier that there’s almost no clear baseline for comparing various plans, you’ll easily know which ones offer the best value for your money by keeping in mind your business’ requirements, allowing you to eliminate VoIP packages that do not offer the features you need. Sometimes, these features are included in higher premium plans, while other systems simply do not offer such features.

Using a Trial Package

You will get to gauge the efficiency of a voice over IP plan if you get to use it and try it in your own system. Take advantage of trial and demo packages. Trying out the package is essential since it will allow you to test the plan with your day-to-day workflow. During this time, you may find out that what seems to be a good package may be too much to handle for your existing internet connection or that the package is incompatible to some of your network’s features. You will never know what to expect until you try.

Integration Charges

Your VoIP system may be integrated with CRM software, which enables you to log in calls, record call duration, where the call is from and save user-entered notes. But this is usually a third-party service that requires you to pay another company to use this feature. Although there is nothing wrong with employing third-party for additional VoIP feature, make sure to ask your service provider to avoid surprises when your monthly billing arrives.

Phones play an integral part when managing a business, and you need a service provider that is able to support your company’s needs. The costs you have to deal with vary a lot, depending on the size of your business, the market condition and the state of your network. With a lot of research and some knowledge on the costs of VoIP in Singapore, it should guide you well on the implementation of this advanced system to your organization.

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