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Dream Destinations You Should Ponder 


Life here in Singapore is hectic that is why you have to do your best to cope up. It is important that you stop and smell the flowers. If you pursue life without resting, you are in danger of job burnout. Do not wait for job burnout because you will be less productive plus it can affect your mental, physical and emotional health.


With this in mind, you have to make that dream vacation a reality. Some Singaporeans do not consider vacation because it can cost money plus it can drain energy but for many, vacation is worth it. It is time that you consider going somewhere. The question is, where to?

When you finally get the chance to spend a proper holiday, you have to grab it. You might want to consider these dream destinations:

Fiji Islands

Not all people know that in the heart of South Pacific, there are tropical islands which are home to earth’s happiest people. Fiji Islands will welcome you with their more than three hundred tropical islands. The islands are known for its private islands, luxurious resorts, outdoor adventures and gastronomic delights.

Fiji also boasts of pristine waters and sand beaches – an ideal vacation for the family and divers. This place is excellent if you are looking for a serene place to relax. Flights to Fiji are accessible weekly. You have to prepare yourself though for a ten-hour flight.

Sri Lanka


If you are looking to have a vacation in ancient cities, you should consider Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is fondly called the Pearl of Indian Ocean. It is boasts of ancient cities in the world like Digamadulla and Anuradhapura. These places offer a peak in the palaces, theatres and temples of the past. In the past, these places were covered by thick jungles but it was restored for guests excited to see a glimpse of the past.

Sri Lanka is a perfect place for those who are fed up with modern living. You need this vacation. From the city to Colombo, it will only take you three hours and forty minutes.


Another place worth visiting is Maldives. Its capital is Male. It is in the Indian Ocean and composed of twenty six ring-shaped islets. The place is known for its pristine beaches and luxurious resorts not to mention coral reefs and blue lagoons.

From the city to Male, it will take four hours and thirty five minutes.

These places are getting popular. While it is not that spoiled yet, you should visit.


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