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Do’s and Don’ts of Cutting the Costs of your Paint Job

Having a fresh coat of paint in your interiors and exteriors really do wonders, and you don’t have to burn some hole in your wallet just to achieve a professional-looking DIY home painting project. The only secret to this is to know what and which area to spend more on for purposes of durability and quality, what methods and supplies will help in cutting the overall costs, and in avoiding the chances of performing a do-over. To help you, here is a list of cost-cutting do’s and don’ts that can aid you in thinking of ways on how you can efficiently cut your costs without compromising the quality of your paint job.

DON’T cut back on your primer coat.

It’s never a good idea to save some bucks by not applying some primer coat before doing your paint job. Applying a coat of primer before painting is, in fact, less expensive than applying additional coats of your main paint. Moreover, you’re going to need a good primer if you’re going to paint on a raw drywall or wood, or on a stained and rough surface. Also, any reputable hdb painting services in Singapore will suggest that if you’re going to make some dramatic changes in your wall’s paint color, applying some primer first will prevent the previous colors from bleeding through.

DON’T settle for poor quality paints.

This is probably one of the things that you shouldn’t just simply cutback on. One good way to cut costs in your paint is by watching out for some sales or promos on the best paints in your local Singapore hardware. Perhaps these reasons – that painting services providers strongly believe in – will help in preventing you from drastically cutting your paint budget.
• Choosing high quality paint brands over the cheap ones will do an excellent job in covering your walls using fewer coats. This will not just save you some bucks but time as well.
• Good quality paints offer greater durability than its cheap counterpart.
• The paint on your walls will stick for a long time, meaning it won’t easily scuff or fade off.
DON’T squeeze out the paint out of brushes and rollers.
Squeezing out the remaining paint from your rollers and brushes to get more paint won’t really save your money nor will it produce optimal results. Instead of doing this, do what most Singapore painting professionals do; roll thick layers of paint using a light touch. This method has been proven use lesser paint, while producing better and professional-looking results for house painting projects.

DO use fewer paint colors.

Instead of saving your money by buying poor quality paints, opt on buying fewer but high quality paint colors. Singapore painting services providers urge you to think of quality over quantity when it comes to doing a house painting project. This way, you get to save on paint since there will be lesser leftovers when the job is done. Plus, you also have the option of buying in bulk – a 5-gallon bucket of paint will most probably costs the same as buying four one-gallon buckets. Aside from saving some money, buying in bulks will also save you some time, especially during the clean-ups.

DO refresh your previous paint colors.

Rather than going for a new wall color, simply refresh your previous paint color by applying new coats to it. Experts say that a single coat of paint is all you need to breathe a new life to your dulling wall color. This is a perfect idea if you really have a tight budget with you.

DO paint an accent wall instead.

If you really want to give a new look to your home but don’t want to spend a lot, then try upgrading your home by painting an accent wall instead of working on an entire room. Another way is to paint your ceiling with lighter paint colors to give it some lift. These are great ways to change the color scheme of your interiors.

Giving your interiors and exteriors a new look, without spending too much, is every homeowners dream, and with these budget-friendly home painting techniques suggested by painting services providers, it’s now possible to home some makeover without worrying of burning some hole in your pocket.

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