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DIY Foot Scrub

Singaporeans are busy people. Everyone is always in a rush. After a day’s work, your tired feet deserve a treat. You can begin by pampering your feet. How can you pamper your feet? You can consider foot scrubs. When you consider foot scrubs, you can either go to a salon who offer such or you can consider Do-it-Yourself remedies.


If you consider salons, the price and the location should be noted. The good thing here in Singapore is that you can find salons immediately because they are highly available and accessible. If you want to spare the cost, you can consider DIY foot scrubs. DIY foot scrubs are also effective. You should trust in its effectiveness.

What you’ll need: You only need few household items to make a natural foot scrub. You do not need to purchase commercial foot scrubs because they are pricey. You only need to provide a bowl, spoon and jar. The ingredients that you will use include white sugar, baking soda, olive oil and honey. You can also add other things like the jojoba oil and essential oils.


Method: You only need to mix the ingredients altogether. Add one cup of sugar in your bowl then add two teaspoon of olive, baking soda and honey. Make sure that there are no visible lumps. After that, you can freely add jojoba oil and other essential oil. The scrub is ready. You can use the scrub before you take the shower. While you are applying the scrub, you can massage your feet for better results.

You can also share this knowledge to your friends and other family members. Their feet too deserve to be pampered.

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