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Developments to Look Forward to in 2014


Singapore is doing its best to create a comprehensive society at the same time place sturdy safety nets. These and more are part of a shift that put the needs of the needy and elderly first. As we bade 2013 goodbye, it is right to sum up the developments made by the republic this year. They deserve our applause. Here’s a list:

Social Service Offices

It is important for the social services to be brought into the public. The accessibility of social services was facilitated by putting twenty social service offices in HBD towns around the island. This is a simple thing but for people with many needs, this is the closest thing to help.

Restructured Hospitals

Senior citizens also saw restructured hospitals specially the community hospitals. There were more than one hundred access points made especially for them. Apart from the hospitals, they also saw the creation of activity centres that seeks to enhance their mobility and financial independence.

SG Enable

Persons with disabilities were prioritized with the help of SG Enable which was launched in July 2013. The group provides persons with disabilities appropriate training and skills so they can join the workforce without feeling less or lacking.

Let us welcome 2014 with positivity and enthusiasm knowing that the government is committed to accomplish more for the people. The Committee for Social and Family Development said that people can expect more help from the government. The vulnerable groups like the less fortunate, elderly and disabled can sleep lightly every night knowing that help is coming their way.


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