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Denim Decode: A Guy’s Guide to Buying the Right Pair of Jeans

Every man wears his jeans through just everything – from his first dates and casual Fridays to hanging out with his best buds and winning his Super Bowl. This just shows that a good pair of trousers is something that he can always count on, which is why every pair he buys should fit like it’s specially made for him.


However, finding a good pair of trusty jeans can be daunting. This is why we asked some of the denim experts to find out how we can score a perfect fit every time.

1.       Stop Stressing on Your Body Type. Unlike women, most men almost always look good in just about any denim fit. So rather than focusing around your body type, think more about the occasion where you’ll be wearing your trousers. A tailored cut is the perfect choice if you’re going to formal events, while a classic fit is the best pair to wear on more casual activities.
2.       Purchase a Size Smaller Than Normal. A tight waistband can be really uncomfortable, but wearing a pair that’s too loose can also mess up your look. The next time you hit the fitting room, try grabbing a size smaller than your usual and once you have them on, do the finger check—no more than two fingers should fit in the jean’s waistband.

3.       Check on the Pockets. Wearing jeans that has too much detail can draw unwanted attention to problem areas (i.e. your gut or butt). Instead, opt for a pair with clean thread patterns on its pockets as the design. Make sure that these patterns aren’t too long or large to avoid creating an illusion of saggy gluts.
4.       Opt for Dark Jeans. Whether you’re wearing them for your late-night clubbing or for kicks, dark jeans is a solid investment for a day-to-night ensemble transition – with a quick tie and shirt change, of course. If you’re thinking of only investing on just one pair of jeans, go dark.
5.       Dare to Experiment. If there’s one common misconception with jeans, it’d be that jean cuffing and bright colours are reserved for preppy men who lives in mansions and own yachts. Don’t be afraid though, since the warmer months are the best times to experiment on styling your jeans. Cuffing your jeans makes the legs look longer, so use this trick to appear leaner and taller.

Other than being comfortable, denim makes any ensemble look presentable. Ensure you get the right fit the next time you shop by heeding these professional fashion tips.


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