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Coping after Unemployment

No one wants to live without a job. Where else will we get money from? Unless we have a business, we are not required to get a job. However, some Singaporeans feel the need to get jobs especially with the thought of high unemployment rates and enormous layoffs.


Although according to Trading Economics, unemployment rate here in Singapore is low at 1.9%, we still need to be prepared for unemployment because it can happen regardless of the career. The anxiety of unemployment can result to financial stress and depression.

With this, it is crucial that we successfully cope with job loss. Here are some ways of recovering from unemployment:

  • Self-care: It is important that we take care of ourselves so we can bounce back. While job hunting, we should still continue maintaining our healthy schedule. We have to look forward to obtain new job rather than sulk. While seeking for a job, we have to take the opportunity to rest and relax.


  • What is the action plan? We have to accept that we are unemployed so we can move on. When moving on, the first thing that we should do is create an action plan. If we wait for a job to come to us, we will be forever unemployed. It will not hurt us to write a five-year plan and our course of actions. In fact, it will make things clearer.
  • Manage finances: If we do not have a job, we should cut back our expenses. We should not risk throwing away our savings just to maintain our lavish lives. It is significant that we create a budget and continue to stick with it as long as we can.


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