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Controlling Your Diabetes

The MOH (Ministry of Health) arranged a diabetes project that seeks to help patients and their caregivers manage and control diabetes. The good news is that the project drastically improved the status of the patient’s kidneys. The project is called NEMO (Nephrology Evaluation, Management and Optimisation).

To date, there are 9 polyclinics here in Singapore that embraced the project; plans to expanding the project are underway. NEMO is a project of NUH (National University Hospital) in partnership with NHGP (National Healthcare Group Polyclinics).

If you are diagnosed with diabetes or if you are the primary caregiver, it is imperative that you control or manage diabetes to prevent other complications like kidney failure. You should know that lifestyle greatly influence your health condition. In this case, it is important that you control or manage your blood sugar by giving attention to your:


You have to make sure that you eat the right amount and type of food. Apart from the amount and type of food, you should know that you’re eating schedule affects your blood sugar too. It is believed that if you eat at the same time or eat small meals every day, you can lessen your blood sugar level.

Physical activities

Exercise and other physical activity can improve your condition. It specifically improves the body’s response to insulin. When you consider physical activities, the muscles use glucose as the source of energy which can effectively reduce sugar levels. Before exercising, ask your doctors about your exercise plan.


By now you know that exercise and diet cannot sufficiently control or manage diabetes. You should also consider your medications to effectively reduce your sugar level. The effectiveness of your medications vary depending on the dose and the timing so it is important that you follow your doctors prescriptions.

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