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Consider Customized Rings for Your Proposal and Wedding

Couples want to have the best when it comes to their wedding, but the best doesn’t have to mean you should only get the most expensive items. Some, however, want to go the extra mile when expressing their love and commitment for each other by opting for customized engagement and wedding rings.

Pros and Cons of Customized Rings

The creation of the symbols of your love, the wedding ring, is not something everyone will get to experience. Working with from Singapore allows you not only to learn about the process, but to make personal touches that your partner will appreciate even more.

Other advantages include the following:

    • A customized engagement ring is more personal than a mass-produced ring.
    • Unique details make the proposal ring or the wedding rings memorable.
    • No other person has the same ring.
    • You will know exactly why you’re charged for a certain price.
    • A hand-made wedding ring usually has better quality.

However, customized rings can be expensive and will take longer to create. Planning alone can take weeks, but you will not be able to see an actual model of the ring until the product is finished. There is also a possibility that the ring needs to be resized or adjusted if it doesn’t meet your requirements. They are also difficult to replace if they are damaged or lost, and the outcome might alter the design or color. Lastly, there is also the risk of getting a designer who cannot meet your expectations.

Finding a Jewelry Designer

While you’re looking for a jewelry designer in Singapore, you need to ask the following questions.

    • How long has the jeweler been in business?
    • Is the jewel designer experienced in various types of metals and gemstones?
    • What are the testimonials of the previous customers?
    • Are there any complaints? If there are complaints, what were they about?
    • Do they outsource the creation of the jewelry or do they create everything in the shop?

The best jewel designer has at least a decade of experience because they will know how to handle almost all complaints, although some newcomers bring a fresh perspective in the practice. It is also important to select a shop that does all the jewelry-crafting in-house, because you will save more money that way. Contacting the jeweler is also convenient throughout the process, so it’s easier to make changes and adjustments.

You can look for testimonials on the websites of jewelers and jewelry designers. If you see any complaints, it doesn’t mean that you should not consider the store anymore, but you need to find out how those issues were resolved.

Choosing the Metal

When commissioning an engagement ring, you will decide the specific metal to use. The most popular and the easiest to work with is yellow gold. Other choices include platinum, white gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and titanium. Each of these metals have their advantages and disadvantages that you should keep in mind during the designing process.

Gold is easy to work with, doesn’t tarnish, and is easy to clean, but the higher the karat, the softer the metal is. Platinum is durable, but it is also the most expensive and is difficult to work with because it’s the toughest metal for jewelry. Sterling silver isn’t expensive, but it can tarnish and will need scheduled cleaning. White gold and rose gold aren’t as expensive as platinum, but they will return to their original yellow color over time and the alloy used can also irritate your partner’s skin. Titanium is durable and can be worn even while you’re swimming, but it’s difficult to work with and you might not find jewelers who know how to repair it.

Choosing the Gemstone

An engagement ring usually has a gemstone, but not all wedding rings need them. When choosing a gemstone, take into consideration the following factors:

    • Durability of the gem
    • Carat and size of the gem and the number of gems
    • The cut that maximizes the reflection of light
    • Color and clarity of the gem
    • Setting or the number of prongs
    • Type of metal for the mounting
    • Lifestyle and taste of your partner

Whatever the gemstone you pick, you should have it assessed by a reputable jeweler and ask for the needed certifications and warranty.

Consider the Size and the Cost of Resizing

The resizing of a ring will take into consideration the metal that you have agreed to use for the proposal ring or wedding ring. Yellow gold prices usually fluctuate, but sterling silver is more stable, while platinum and white gold are more expensive than the two. Platinum needs more tools and expertise than all the other metals because it has a higher melting point and isn’t easy to work with.

Special care is also needed for rings with gemstones and delicate designs. Some gems, like diamonds, can withstand the heat used in the common open-flame soldering method, unlike some stones and organic substances that are not heat-resistant like emeralds and pearls. Some rings also have plating that need to be reapplied, as well as make sure that the thickness of the shank is consistent. For this kind of delicate work, you should book an appointment with the most experienced jewelers in Singapore.

Engraving the Rings

One advantage of having customized rings is the option to have it engraved with texts like the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings. There are things to consider, however, before a ring can be engraved.

    • The band must have enough space, at least more than 3 mm, to include all the text.
    • The ring must not contain complicated designs like filigrees.
    • The preferred metal is usually gold, because it’s soft and easy to work with, especially if the jewel designer is using the hand-graving technique.
    • Consider future resizing and repairs before deciding that you need to have your rings engraved.

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