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Tips on Caring for Succulent Plants

Succulents are quite popular these days because they not only make beautiful ornamental house plants, but they are easy to grow and care for. However, these hardy plants also need expert love and care to grow healthy and vibrant. Here are tips for those who want to care for succulents in their small apartment. Always […]

4 Side Effects of Intermittent Fasting You Need to Know

While losing weight without having any restrictions on your diet may sound too good to be true, you won’t always get the benefits you want from it or even decide to follow through with it after a few weeks. In the case of intermittent fasting, there are a few setbacks that come with not eating […]

4 Gorgeous Ways To Spruce Up Walls Without Painting Them

Even though paint is the first thing you think of when re-decorating any space at home, it’s rarely as hassle-free as you think: painting is smelly, messy, and really time-consuming, even if you know what you’re doing. The difficulty also increases depending on the surface you’re painting, so if you’re dealing with any ceilings or […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Living the Minimalist Lifestyle

If you’ve heard the term at least once, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard it associated with architecture and interior design, where having only the barest of arrangements can truly be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But minimalism as a concept is applicable not just to design – it also works on a person’s […]

Habits You Can Form to Reduce Garbage in Your Home

Reducing the amount of garbage that you produce starts with taking small steps and being consistent with them so they can add up to have a significant overall effect. Here are the many different ways how you can really put the three R’s into practice: Don’t buy bottled water. Bottled water takes up a lot […]

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