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Best Job Options for Introverts

Although introverts may not feel comfortable in certain jobs, they can still be as analytical, organized and smart as any other person. True, it may be quite difficult to find a job that you really like and can feel motivated to turn it into a career, but there are still those jobs that only introverts can do. To give you a clearer idea, here are some professions that might suit an introvert like you.


1.       Online Writer. A great job if you’re an introvert who loves to write, right? In this job, everything will be done online, and you’ll only be asked to write certain topics set in everyday language. Most of your work will be does in front of the computer in your home or at an office. What’s even better is that most of your topics need little to no human interaction at all.

2.       Archivist. It may look easy, but keeping books and records in proper order actually takes a lot more focus than you think. Plus, it’s the type of job that you get to be alone most of the time. Archiving a library inventory or a lawyers’ records will surely give you the peace and quiet that you would ever want in a job.


3.       Social Media Manager. Managing several communities online is probably the job that allows introverts to be comfortable even when engaging with people. Also, administrators of social media platforms often have very little interaction with other users since most of your work is just centred on ensuring that your online materials like Twitter posts and Facebook updates are up-to-date.

4.       Video Editor. Another job that requires little to no interaction. Being a video editor means that you’ll be working in front of the computer most of the time. The only time you’ll have to take part in meetings is when you need to ensure that the movie or video you made is polished according to the client’s timeline.

It’s true that some jobs might be too difficult to handle for most introverts, but by knowing your strength and showing it to your prospective employers, you’ll surely be able to find a job that you like and will make you feel motivated to work.


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