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Benefits of Journaling

The dedication that comes with keeping a journal can seem quite daunting. But it really isn’t as scary as most people think. In fact, journaling can actually give a lot of benefits for us, especially if we do it every day.

1. Somewhere to put your ideas and goals

One of the more obvious benefits of journaling is that you are able to put all your ideas and goals on paper. A journal is a place for you to write anything that crosses your mind. Whether you write ideas for work or maybe a wild goal to be the greatest actor/actress in Singapore, you can put all of that in your journal.

2. For self-reflection

Life presents us with a lot of problems and opportunities, while also being very quick about it. Life comes fast and sometimes we miss the more important things in our everyday activities. Writing about your day allows you to reflect and take a step back. You are able to ponder upon all things you are grateful for, and also all the challenges you’ve faced.

3. There are no rules

You are free to be who you want to be in writing. Rather, you’re free to do anything when writing in your journal. Journaling has no rules! It doesn’t matter if you scribble, make typos, or use poor handwriting, journaling allows you to be yourself. Of course, this only counts with your own journal. Make sure you don’t disturb the affairs of other people.

4. Improves creative writing

The fact of the matter is, the more you write, the better you get at it. Writing every day in a journal is a way for you to gain more experience simply because instead of squeezing ideas out of your brain, you actually have your own real experiences to write down already. You can also write in your journal for drafts, or to map out possible scenarios that you’d like to include in pieces of your writing.

5. You become more organized

If you write your thoughts or ideas in a journal, it will be easy for you to keep them clear and orderly. You won’t have any problems trying to remember your ideas because you already have them neatly arranged in your journal. Writing and finishing to-do lists also becomes easier once you have them written down.

6. Reduces stress

Journaling can also have a pretty therapeutic effect. You can write down all your worries, problems, frustrations, and not keep them bottled up in your mind. Journaling enables you to detach from the negative feelings and emotions that may build up on you from your day to day endeavors. Doing this can be a small thing, but you’ll find that it can help relieve your stress.

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