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Be Hair-Free and Pain-Free

4 Ways to Get a Painless Hair Removal Procedure

Regardless of the procedure you choose to have, hair removal techniques are just far from being comfortable. From ingrown hairs to razor burns and bumps, we experience a lot of suffering first before achieving that silky, smooth skin. Luckily, this shouldn’t be the case now. With these innovative tactics suggested by grooming experts, you can now be pain-free and hair-free all at the same time.


1.       Opt for an Emollient-Based Shaving Cream.

If you’re prone to experiencing ingrown hairs, razor bumps and skin sensitivity, then we suggest that you ditch your regular shaving cream. The key to getting a comfortable shave is to have your skin properly conditioned prior to shaving, and the best way to do this is to use an emollient-based shaving cream. With this shaving cream, your hair and follicles are softened, making it easier for your razor to shave across your skin. Experts also suggest to opt for gel-based creams, as the typical foam shaving cream is not emollient enough and could still cause some skin irritation.

2.       Exfoliate a Week Before Waxing.

The best way to avoid skin irritation during your waxing session is to exfoliate your skin about a week before your appointment. By doing so, you’re ensured that your hair will be cleanly removed, preventing chances of ingrown hairs to grow.


3.       Apply Acid Serum.

Been constantly bugged by ingrown hairs after your hair removal procedure? Well, end this problem now by regularly applying an exfoliating acid serum followed by your favourite body lotion after taking a shower. The acid serum works by dissolving the dead skin cells that’s trapping the hair under your skin, thus, preventing ingrown hair from occurring.

4.       Use Chamomile Moisturizer.

A good way to prevent inflammation and soothe your skin after a hair removal procedure is by applying a moisturizer that contains both aloe and chamomile. Not only will it moisturize your skin, it’ll also keep it soft and calm once the procedure is done.

Sometimes, beautifying one’s self really comes with a price. For hair removal techniques, it’s the pain you experience once the procedure is done, but by following the tricks shared by grooming experts, you can also skip on the pain and enjoy your hair-free skin.


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