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Awesome Places to Visit without Needing a Visa


If you feel like escaping Singapore if only for a few days and experience the life outside, there are many awesome places worth the visit without the need of a visa. It is good to think about holiday and vacation. You deserve rest and recreation but sometimes when you think of the cost and the documents, you tend to back out.


Cost will be replenished once you get back to your job but the experiences will remain in your hearts forever. It is better to have a budget and stick to it no matter what happens. In terms of documents, you need your passport, booking tickets, airline tickets and more importantly, visa. It is easy to get passport, booking and airline tickets.

When it comes to securing a visa, you think that it is too inconvenient. That may be true for others but it should not keep you from going to places you want. If securing a visa is inconvenient for you at this time, you have to check for places that you can go without needing a visa. Here are some places that you can visit without securing a visa:

  • China: China I’s visa is good for 15 days. This is pretty short period but if you want to make most out of it, be sure to create your itinerary beforehand. China is more than Great Wall or Forbidden City. China offers different experience on a budget.


  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is near and its visa is good for 30 days and extendable for up to 150 days. Sri Lanka is a famous travel destination because of its tea plantations not to mention rainforests and stretches of beaches. There are only three nationalities allowed to get in without visa and that includes Singapore, Seychelles and Maldives).


  • USA: USA actually chose this country for their Visa Waiver Programme together with other 37 countries. This means that you can enter USA without paying or acquiring visa. Shopping in Woodbury will not be that inconvenient.


  • Argentina: You think that South America is strict but you should know that you can enter Argentina without visa for 90 days. You will enjoy the culture and the exotic places there.


  • Schengen Area: Schengen area refers to twenty six nations in Europe from France to Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and so on. This Eurotrip is the dream of many.

You should be happy to know that Singapore is number five when it comes to travel freedom. This is according to a study by the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index. This means that you can travel to many places without a visa.

Migrants walk away from the border crossing from Hungary in Nickelsdorf

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