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Asian Countries You Need a Visa to Visit


Sometimes when things get awry, we think of escaping. It is normal to have thoughts of escaping once in a while but not to the point of giving up. When you find yourself tired of everything, you have to pause for a while and consider overseas holidays or travel. When you travel, you will be renewed and when you go back to work, you will rediscover your passion.


Speaking of traveling, Singaporeans travel more than regional and global counterparts. According to Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, Singapore is number five when it comes to travel freedom around the world. This means that leaving the country is easy and convenient. You do not need to apply or pay for visa when going outside. However, there are a number of places that needs visa.

It is important that you know what these places or territories are so you will take care of the visa before actually visiting the place. To avoid surprises when you discover you need visa, you have to prepare beforehand. Here are some Asian countries needing visas before visiting:

  • Russia: Russia is another place worth visiting but you have to avoid the bitter winter colds if you want to enjoy the place. Filing for a visa is kind of expensive but for sure you will see that it is worth it. First, you have to submit tourist confirmation. You can get this confirmation from authorized travel agencies and then apply for visa. You should fill up a form then send it together with other documents to the Russian Visa Application Centre for USD 70.


  • Myanmar: Myanmar has hidden treasures and it is time to discover it. Do not assume that you do not need visa like when you travelled to Cambodia and Thailand. Going to Myanmar needs visa and the good news is that it is cheap and hassle-free. It usually takes only few days. The cost is USD 35.


  • India: There are many Singaporeans here with Indian descent. If you want to visit your relatives in India, it is time that you consider applying for visa. Going to India is challenging and if you cannot handle it, it will be a mess. If you visited it many times, it gets easier. Before anything else, secure your visa. You can apply for an e-Tourist visa online. Expect to pay about USD 25 or SGD 34. If you prove that you have Indian ethnicity, you will be recognized as an Overseas Citizen and then you will be granted visa free of charge.

These countries are just near but they need visa. Do not ignore visa because it will not matter if you already booked tickets and accommodation. You need to secure the visa first before actually booking your tickets and your hotel.


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