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A Few Things to Remember

The year is almost done and there is so many things going on in your mind. Starting a new year is always an exciting thing to do as we hope for a better year ahead of us. Although the year you have experienced may be filled with unexpected events, you are still looking forward to the new year. Memories are a precious thing. The less we think about them, the more they tend to slip out of our fingers. While the more we think about them, the harder it is for us to build new memories. Before starting the new year, it is a good thing to look back and reflect on everything that has happened throughout the entire year and pick up the certain memories which are necessary for you to push through the next year with.

Learning from our mistakes is something we should all do.

Here is a list of the memories you to remember:

1. Biggest fight of the year
Fights are never that good. Even though you turn out the victor, you still lose something in the process of fighting. Well, this depends on the kind of fight. If we are talking about challenges, that is something that you should definitely not regret and learn from. But in this case, we are talking about the biggest fight you’ve had with a friend, a loved one, or maybe even a stranger. Remember what happened after the fight. That is the most important part. How much did you lose, and how much did you gain?

2. Biggest mistake of the year
Everyone makes mistakes. No matter who you are, we all make mistakes. After all, we’re only human. But these mistakes do not define us, these mistakes help mold us into someone better depending on our response towards our mistakes. Try to remember the biggest mistake you’ve made. Let it hurt you only for a bit, then slowly move on. Tell yourself, “it’s okay. We all make mistakes after all.”

3. Biggest loss of the year
Now this might be the most painful thing to remember as you might have not even accepted the loss you are experiencing. Well, maybe it’s time you accept that whatever it is you lost is gone. Realizing that something isn’t where it should be makes us panic because we are sure, we are absolutely certain that that certain thing belongs there. Maybe it’s time to accept that some things belong elsewhere whether we like it or not.

Growth doesn’t always come from good experiences. Sometimes it comes from remembering the bad ones.

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