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8 Life Lessons Travelling Teaches You

Travelling can be both scary and fun. You’ll be in an unknown place and forced to go beyond your comfort zone, but you’ll also be able to know yourself better and explore things you have never experienced and done before.


At first, it may be terrifying, but in the end you’ll be thankful that you did it. Here are eight important life lessons Singapore globe-trotters share about what travelling has thought them.

  1. You’re Not Alone

Whether you’re travelling by yourself, in unfamiliar places, you are never alone. You may not know anyone, but you’re surrounded with people who can be your friends. People are generally friendly and welcoming everywhere you go. All you have to do is to strike up a conversation and you can turn a stranger into a friend instantly.

  1. Happiness Starts Within You

There’s nothing more satisfying than realizing you don’t need anyone else to be happy. When you travel alone, you seek fun anywhere you are. You may be used to going where the fun is, but creating the fun yourself is an entirely different story. Once you learn how to have fun by yourself, your happiness is completely independent and is solely up to you.

  1. You’re More Skilful Than You Thought

In a foreign place, you’ll have to figure out unusual ways to get yourself out of problematic situations. If you get lost and don’t speak the local language, you’ll need to analyze what to do to get you to the place where you have to be. If you find yourself short on budget, you’ll need to figure out how to stretch your remaining dollars (or rubles, or pesos…). You will find that there’s always a way to deal with hiccups. You become stronger and more resilient when you explore places you have never been to.

  1. It’s Never Too Late to Change

Travelling is all about change. It gives you the opportunity to know yourself better. It’s a reflective process that forces you to look within you—realize what you really want in life, find new ways to face challenges, and know yourself better. When you get back from a trip, you’ll have a whole new perspective about life, giving you the chance to change what you’d wish to do differently to improve yourself.


  1. You Learn to Relax

Travelling encourages you to slow down and just be ‘in’ the moment. You’re forced to pause everything you have back home and learn to worry less about life. This is the moment when we realize what life really is about and appreciate it even more. In moments like these, the best thing to do is to grab your journal and write about what you have experienced thus far on the trip.

  1. Your Relationship With Yourself Is the Most Important

When you travel alone, without anyone else by your side, you nurture your relationship with yourself by experiencing and savouring new things on your own. There is nothing like a solo journey to know yourself better and cultivate self-love.  When we discover new things, we also discover new facets of ourselves.

  1. Embrace Experiences, Not Fear Them

Entering the unknown can be scary. However, when you’re travelling to an unfamiliar territory, you’re forced to trust yourself and take the plunge. It’s the only way to get through everything. You will learn that being fearful isn’t going to help you survive. Travelling will replace all those doubts and apprehensions with certainty and courage that will let you know yourself deeper and make your soul soar high.

  1. More Connected With the World

You are trying new food, learning new language, and meeting people from new places. Through these experiences, you become more connected to everything that’s surrounding you. You’ll realize how wonderful the world is when you’re unplugged from your laptop, mobile phone, tablet, and other gadgets that hamper face to face communication.

Travelling does change a lot in a person. It will push you to go beyond your limits, open your senses to new experiences, and amaze you with new discoveries. It will cause you to deal with things you don’t typically face on a regular basis. It has its cons, like ridiculously expensive flight fees and other expenditures, but the rewards certainly outweigh them.

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