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7 Habits That Are Keeping You from Moving On

We understand that moving on from your past love isn’t easy, but it’s never impossible. To start mending that broken heart, ditch these following habits that could possibly be stopping you from moving on.


1.       Checking His Social Media Accounts. This is probably one of the most common habits that we do after a breakup. Even if it’s already late at night, you’re still on your phone busy scrolling through his feed and checking whether or not he already has a new girl or a new ‘friend’.
2.       Stalking the New Girl. After your thorough investigation in his feed, you finally found out that he does now have a new lady friend. Now you’re curious about her and what she might be like, so you end up scrolling over her feed, too, until you find yourself browsing through her photos way back in 2010.
3.       Calling and Texting Him. Experts say that it’s just normal to want to send a sweet good morning text to your past love even after you’ve gone your separate ways. However, love experts also suggest that if he doesn’t answer to any of your texts, then it’s time to stop the habit to keep both your sanity and dignity intact.
4.       Re-Reading Your Past Messages. Whether its text messages, a Facebook chat thread, or Viber messaging, it’d be best to stop re-reading them for your own sake. Reminiscing about how you used to be won’t do you any good. And trust us, doing so will only leave you crying at night—alone.

5.       Looking at Old Photos. If you keep tons of photos together – printed or not – do yourself a favour and delete or throw them away. If you don’t have the heart to do so, ask a friend or a family member to do it for you. By doing so, your clearing yourself of the negativities and opening the doors to start new beginnings.
6.       Asking His Friends About Him. You’ve known his best buddies since you two got together and you might still even be friends with some of them. When you breakup, refrain from calling or texting them to ask or hear some news about their friend (i.e. your ex).
7.       Keeping in Touch With His Family. There’s nothing wrong seeing them if you have pure intentions, but if you’re only keeping in touch with them to gather information about their brother or son, then it’s best to keep your distance especially if you’re trying to move on.
Moving on is never easy, but it gets incredibly hard if you’re doing any of these things. Cut these habits now and free yourself from your past to start things fresh and new.


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