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6 Ways to Beat Cat Allergies

Are you allergic to cats? If so, that doesn’t mean you can no longer visit your feline-loving friends. A little preparation should be able to shield you from itchy red eyes, tickly throat, shortness of breath, and too much sneezing—all of these happen to people allergic to cats. Here are some ways you can do to combat cat allergies.


1.       Keep an Antihistamine On-Hand

Since you’ll never know whether you’ll come across someone with a pet, always have an antihistamine ready at all times. If you know in advance that the person you’ll be meeting owns a hairy pet, take a tablet of antihistamine 20 minutes before heading out.

2.       Steer Clear From Upholstered Furniture

Comfy, upholstered chairs and couches are hotbeds of dander in houses with cats. Not only these animals like to chill out in comfy seats, soft upholstery easily catches allergenic pet hairs. You’re better off with wooden chairs as it doesn’t harbour much cat allergens like soft couches do.

3.       Have an Air Filtering Device

If you often visit someone with a pet cat but they don’t have air purifier at home, you may want to invest in a portable one. Small but powerful, these devices are available in different forms and can clear the air from moulds, pollen, and dust mites.


4.       Wash Your Clothes With Hot Water

Even if it was just a short visit to a friend’s house with cats, immediately wash your clothes in hot water when you get home. Everything you wore and brought home has to be washed thoroughly to avoid spreading allergens into your house.

5.       Wash Your Hands

This is the best way to fight flu and colds—wash your hands. This is also a good practice if you come in contact with cat allergens. Touching any surface can easily transfer dander to your eyes or nose and trigger symptoms. To avoid horrible allergies, make sure to wash your hands before touching your face.

6.       Get an Allergy Cure

If you really want a pet cat but it’s almost impossible because of your allergy, consider immunotherapy or popularly known as “allergy shots”. This treatment involves a series of injections with an allergen you’re allergic to and can take up to five years. While it’s not a guarantee to work on everyone, it can eradicate some people’s allergy completely.

Coping with cat allergies is a commitment. It won’t be easy, but being responsible for your own health and following these tips should be able to make a world of difference.


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