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6 Planning Hacks When Travelling with Friends

Travelling in groups has always been a trend: all-girls’ holidays and bro trips are just a few examples of friends hitting the road together. Before you jumpstart preparing the nitty-gritty details of your travel, here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your ‘friendventure’ goes off as smoothly as possible.

  1. Narrow Down Your Destination Choices

Before you start calling the squad, narrow down your destination choices. These are your best buds, so you probably know what kind of vacation everybody wants. Your choices, of course, should be down to actual justifiable and practical reasons, such as affordability of flights, a destination everyone would want to visit, brilliant hotel deals, etc.

  • Go for Shared Accommodation

Renting a property as a group will make the travel so much cheaper than booking individual hotel rooms, though you certainly can if you really want that option. If you choose the latter, contact several hotels, and even hostels, to see if there are any ongoing promotions and discounts for bulk booking.

  • Let Everyone Contribute

Let everyone in the group play a role. Someone books the daytrips, someone takes care of the flight bookings, someone handles the finances, etc. This way, the responsibilities are shared, everyone would feel they have contributed and no one would feel stressed out or overworked.

  • Create a Pot Money for Expenses

Decide on an amount and have everyone contribute the same amount of money to raise it. This will help keep everything clean and easy, especially for joint expenses, such as taxes for accommodation, everyday meals and night out expenses. If there is any leftover, it is much easier to split the remaining money among everyone.

  • Let Everyone Do Their Thing

They’re your friends, so you probably already know each other’s personality. While partying is your cup of tea, others may find it exhausting. You and a few of your friends may want to go clubbing, while others prefer to stay in during the night. If some prefer not to join some activities, let them be. Allowing everyone do what makes them relaxed ensures that the group does not only get the holiday you all want, but everyone else also gets the individual vacation they want.

  • Be Considerate of Everyone

This is more of a general rule: be considerate of everyone in the group. Some could be more laidback than others, and simply because they do not say anything mean you don’t need to consult them. Make sure that every single thing is decided and agreed by everyone to avoid unexpected surprises. Once you’ve settled everything as a group, review the information and adjust if necessary.

Group trips are supposed to be fun, so don’t let the stress of planning get in the way. Keep in mind these helpful travel tips to organize and get you excited about your upcoming vacation, instead.

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