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6 Beauty-Boosting Beverages You Should Be Drinking

Other than exercise, having a good skin, hair and nail condition also has something to do with what you put in your body. But this doesn’t mean that you should choke down glasses of unappetizing green juices. Instead, incorporate any of these six beverages into your diet to get that beauty-boosting effect that you want.


1.       Red Wine. Red wine is surely one of those beauty-boosting beverages that never gets old. Just chugging down a glass or two of this drink will already reduce your stress levels and help you get better sleep. Other than that, it also aids in regulating the blood sugar levels and in strengthening the teeth. Just remember to drink red wine in moderation though, and you’ll surely get a good hold the beauty benefits that it offers.

2.       Tequila. Although this drink may not seem like it, tequila is actually one of the very few alcoholic drinks that will give you the beauty boost that you need. Not only does it aid in the digestive process, it also helps in regulating the healthy bacteria found in your stomach that contributes in getting better complexion and overall body health.

3.       Green Tea. Green tea as a beauty boosting drink may no longer be a surprise. If you’re not that much of a water drinker, then you can have green tea as an alternate hydration drink. The EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) found in green tea works by fighting inflammation and reducing stress levels, both of which are essential in getting and maintaining healthier hair and complexion.

4.       Kombucha. Other than being a hippie fad, kombucha also offers a myriad of health and beauty benefits. Just like any tea beverages, it helps in improving the digestive health and the body’s pH balance, which are important factors in having healthier and clearer skin. It’s also packed with more potent and much larger antioxidants than standard teas.


5.       Apple Cider Vinegar. Similar with kombucha, apple cider vinegar also contains healthful properties like good bacteria, making it another perfect drink to add in your diet. Also, the acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar aids in killing the bad bacteria found in the body. Other than plainly drinking it, you can also dilute it and use it a replacement for your toner.

6.       Unsweetened Cranberry Juice. Just like the original cranberry juice, this unsweetened version is also must-try drink to combat your health and beauty woes. It’s especially beneficial for women, as it prevents ailments like yeast infection and UTI. Aside from that, unsweetened cranberry juice is also rich in salicylic acid – an ingredient known to fight acne breakouts.

With these six new beauty-boosting beverages to choose from, you now have a good hydration alternative whenever the good ol’ water gets too boring for you. Not only will these drinks quench your thirst, it will also fight off all of your beauty woes.


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