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5 Ways to Get Your Toddler to Sleep Soundly

Toddlers need around 12 hours of sleep. Otherwise, they can get either irritable or hyperactive. It is also important in your baby’s weight regulation, helps promotes cognitive development and enhances your child’s immune system. Of course, you want all these benefits, except that toddlers are quite a challenge to tuck into bed. Here, we share to you five ways to make it easier for you to send your toddlers to bed.

  1. Practice a bedtime routine

Plan a family routine and stick to it. The key here is consistency. Kids love to feel like they are in control—they like it that they know what will happen next. When they can already distinguish the difference of night and day, it will be easier for them to follow a bedtime routine, which can include brushing their teeth, changing into pajamas, drinking a glass of warm milk and reading bedtime stories.

  • Put him to bed when he’s drowsy, not when he’s asleep

As much as possible, try to lessen the nursing, singing or rocking to send your little munchkin to dreamland. When your toddler is so used to this, waking up in the middle of the night can become difficult for the both of you, since your child can’t go back to sleep without you rocking him or singing him a lullaby. Lessening this practice will train your baby to settle down on his own in case he wakes up in the wee hours of the night.

  • Make your toddler’s bedroom relaxing

Invest in a cozy baby mattress, blanket, crib, night lamp and even in a calming bedtime music. Try out different ways to know which works for your child or create a combination of these things to help him easily fall asleep at night.

  • Avoid stimulants later in the night

Your toddler should all be set to settle down an hour before his bedtime. So, no offering of sweet treats two to three hours before it is time to put him to bed. Instead, offer a glass of warm milk to help him sleep soundly throughout the night.

  • Give your toddler a calming evening bath

A nice warm bath helps calm the body down, preparing your child for a good night’s sleep. And given Singapore’s summer-like weather, a refreshing bath at the end of the day will keep your little one cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Newborns and toddlers can have a hard time falling asleep. That is why it is important for parents to help them get the complete sleep and rest necessary for their growth and development. Let these helpful tips and tricks be your guide to ensure quality slumber for your growing children.

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