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5 Unexpected Spots to Apply Your Highlighter

A highlighter is definitely one of the most versatile beauty product in every woman’s makeup stash. Not only can you use it on your cheekbones, you can also dab it in the inner corners of your eyes and blend it with your foundation to get that full-face glow. There’s just a lot of use for it, right? Other than those uses though, it still has even more uses that we’re actually crediting it for. To give you an idea, here are other five spots on your body where your highlighter can really work wonders.


1.       Nose Bridge. We’ve always admired that perfectly contoured nose of most celebrities, but this technique can easily go awry as soon as we attempt to do it on ourselves. A simpler trick to achieve the same contoured nose? Just apply your highlighter in a straight line down the centre of your nose. This technique will draw light to the slimmest part of your nose, making the more prominent area appear smaller.

 2.       Fronts of the Legs. Just as to how it makes your nasal bridge smaller, a highlighter applied from your knee down will also make your legs look thinner and longer. Opt for a powder formula for this though, as liquids can inadvertently rub off on your clothes.


 3.       Centre of the Chin. Going for an overall matte look, but still want to add a little glow on your look? Then dab a bit of your highlighter at the centre of your chin. Just a dot will already give you that “lit-from-within” look without hogging your highlighter over your face.

 4.       Collarbones. This one’s already a given. Nothing enhances your low-cut top look better than highlighting your collarbones, adding in that sexy glow. If you still feel the urge to glow further, then dust your powder formula across your shoulders and see how it instantly improves your natural glow.

 5.       Centre of the Eyelids. Even if a full eye makeup look isn’t your thing, it’s still possible for you to look wide awake and a little done by dabbing your highlighter in the centres of your eyelids. This automatically brighten and adds more definition to your eyes without requiring other makeup. Just add a touch of mascara and you’re good to go.

You already know the other uses of your good ol’ highlighter, but with these new tricks, you can now further maximize its uses and get even better highlighting results than before.


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