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5 Tricks to Curb Your Appetite in the Gym

Most of us think that healthy eating and exercise are two totally separate things, when in fact, they support each other. Some studies even showed that exercising aids in curbing cravings for unhealthy foods, resulting to better fitness results and a healthier lifestyle. To help you, we’ve listed down five ways on how you can take advantage of your workout routine’s appetite-busting potential.


1.       Perform a Workout Routine That You Like. One good way to curb your appetite while in the gym is to do exercise routines that you like. That way, you won’t feel the need to reward yourself with calorie-packed treats once you get out of the gym. Some studies even showed that the more enjoyable you’ll find your workout, the less dessert you’ll eat during mealtimes. Win-win situation, right?

 2.       Stay Hydrated. Masquerading as hunger is what dehydration does best. Sweating out in the gym and failing to take enough water can easily make you dehydrated, thereby triggering post-workout hunger. One way to prevent it and ensure that you stay hydrated is to knowing how much water you need to take during your workout. Always weigh before and after your workout sessions. If you happen to weigh less after exercising, then you’ll need to increase your fluid intake.

3.       Workout Using Weight-Bearing Exercises. Cycling and swimming exercises are good, but when it comes to maintaining your appetite, doing weight-bearing exercises tend to be more effective. Some of the good weight-bearing exercise options include weightlifting, running, kickboxing and even jumping ropes. Fitness experts believe that the stress applied by weight-bearing exercises in the bones and muscles is what causes a reduction in a person’s post-workout appetite.


4.       Indulge in a Pre-Workout Snack. Another good way to keep you from indulging in post-workout meals is to eat a healthy pre-workout snack. Exercising with a full stomach will help you perform high-intensity routines that are crucial for building muscles, burning calories and reducing appetite.

5.       Get Into Yoga. Other than performing weight-bearing exercises, practicing yoga can also help in controlling your binge-eating behaviours. Not only will performing yoga help you determine when you’re really hungry, it’ll also make you more sensitive to feelings of fullness so that you won’t overeat.

Keep your appetite in check while working out may seem difficult at first, but by practising any of the aforementioned tips, you’ll surely be able to control your post-workout appetite and get the healthy lifestyle that you want.


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