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5 Stages of a Long-Term Relationship

Every relationship begins in a different way. Some start with a spark during first meeting while some go through years of friendship first before moving on to the dating stage. No matter how the relationship started, most people in relationships want it to be long-term.

Successful and happy relationships go through various stages and situations before reaching the place where they are now. The following are some of the essential stages a longstanding relationship go through.


The “My Friends Know About You” Stage

A sure sign a relationship is getting serious is when you tell your friends about the person you’re currently dating. When you inform your boyfriend/girlfriend that your friends know of the relationship, he/she will immediately realize that things are getting real.

Also dubbed as the infatuation stage of the relationship, this is the time when you begin telling random facts or stories about the person you’re seeing to your friends, and you also find yourself wanting to spend more time with your partner.

This is also the stage when friends you use to spend so much time with start noticing that you hang out with them less and less. Consequently, they’ll start complaining about how you’re ditching them for your boyfriend/girlfriend.


The “Meet My Parents” Stage

Meeting the family of your significant other is a very genuine and serious event in a couple’s relationship. When you meet and spend time with the family, you’ll start feeling more at home and welcome.

This is a highly satisfying and exciting encounter but it can also give you the feeling of anxiety and stress. If you’re in luck, you’ll find the experience a breeze and the start of many more time spent with your partner’s family.


“I Love You” Stage

There is no expected time to tell the person you are dating that you love them. Some say it after a few weeks of dating while others go as far as several months to a year. Don’t be pressured to make the event grand; the important factor is your sincerity.


The “I Find It Uncomfortable When You..” Stage

Nine months into the relationship is the typical time when couples start opening up to each other. After spending quite a lot of time together, you both start to realize that there are traits in each other you find bothersome or even annoying.

When you find yourself in the face of this dilemma, don’t just bottle everything up. It is important you talk this out with your partner in an instant. When you ignore things, they tend to grow bigger. Open up to him/her and calmly say what you feel.


The “My Plans for the Future Are..” Stage

After several years of being together, you find it comfortable telling your significant other about your hopes and aspirations in life. This is also the time when you start making plans for the future together. Your goals start to match up and you both consider moving in together.

This stage provides a turning point in the relationship. When done in an honest way, it can lead to bigger things for both your futures. However, when you start telling lies and sugarcoating, it may lead to an unhappy relationship in the long-run. Simply put, this stage can make or break your relationship.


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