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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Cooking With a Cast-Iron Skillet

Cast-iron skillets have been around for a long time, and from one-pan pasta sheets to sheet-pan meals, the secret to avoiding having to wash multiple dishes after each dinner has always been right there with us.

While a cast-iron skillet may look heavy and intimidating to someone who doesn’t cook often, it’s actually very useful around the kitchen and will save you from having to use multiple pans when cooking at home.

In fact, here’s why you should be cooking with a cast-iron skillet at home:

1. It heats up evenly
Cast iron is really dense (it’s made whole in one cast and is made entirely of iron), and can hold onto heat really well. This makes them ideal for browning meats and cooking vegetables, as well as frying or baking.

This is because even heating makes food cook faster without constantly having to manage the heat source, or rotate the pans in the oven to achieve the same results.

2. The surface is naturally non-stick
Few non-stick pots and pans can go easily from the oven to the stovetop and vice versa, but with a well-seasoned cast iron pan, you can achieve different cooking methods for your dishes easily.

3. Cast-iron gets better over time
Though cast-iron skillets may be notorious for being really needy in terms of constant maintenance (and you can’t clean them the same way with non-stick or stainless steel pans and pots), they are one of the few rare cooking items that get better with every use.

This is because the “seasoning” in the cast-iron pan is the fat or oil baked into the iron, which is what gives it its natural non-stick coating. The more it’s used, the better the pan becomes in taking on heat and being naturally non-stick.

4. It gives you a lot more control than with a stainless steel pan
A cast-iron skillet makes things less messy when you’re cooking, and because it holds onto heat really well, you can cook with it over a stovetop or place it in an oven with ease. This means that you can try out different kinds of dishes that need time on both the stovetop and in the oven.

And because you have all kinds of options open for you, there’s no limit to what you can come up with for the next potluck.

5. They’re extremely durable
With regular (and proper) seasoning, a cast-iron skillet can be a long-lasting heavy-duty piece of equipment that you can get for your kitchen. Used well, it can last for more than a decade.

However, you might want to stay away from acidic foods, as they can leave any unwanted metallic foods onto your food.

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