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5 Mistakes People with Oily Skin Commit

Managing an oily skin can be very tricky, since people who have this skin type often experience acne breakouts. Also, having oily skin means battling the chances of getting clogged pores all the time. Luckily, avoiding these following mistakes will help you prevent your skin from becoming oilier every single minute.


1.       Applying Harsh Cleansers

One thing that makes oily skin worse is the use of harsh cleansers. Skin care products like alcohol-infused cleansers and astringents are what irritates the skin, resulting to acne breakouts. Instead of using such cleansers, opt for foaming gel cleansers that is sulphate-free and contains salicylic acid to avoid dryness and irritation.

2.       Skipping The Moisturizer

You might not see the need of adding another layer of hydration to your skin, but that’s not a valid reason to simply skip on your moisturizer. Staying hydrated is what makes our skin cells live and healthy, which is why moisturizing plays a crucial part in caring for our skin. Just remember to look for a moisturizer formula that is non-comedogenic and light.

3.       Missing Your Makeup

Having an oily skin is not an excuse to miss out on your makeup. All you need to do is to look for cosmetic products that contain salicylic acid and is oil-free to help you get rid of any makeup build-ups in your pores.


4.       Excessive Exfoliation

Exfoliating your skin using facial brush, or scrubs with microbeads, can be very harsh on the skin – and performing this more than once a week will ruin your complexion. Avoid this by skipping all the physical exfoliation altogether and use exfoliation products that contain BHAs and AHAs for a gentler exfoliation and a more effective result.

5.       Avoiding Oil-Based Products Altogether

Keep in mind that all oils are not the same and there’s no need to avoid all creams, moisturizers and lotions that contain oil. Some oils like the argan and jojoba oil that are used in beauty products are non-comedogenic and offers skin nourishing benefits, so there’s no need to entirely skip them when shopping for your beauty needs.

Just like with any other skin types, properly caring for an oily skin is important and the best way to do it is to simply avoid the mistakes that are listed above.


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