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5 extra measures to keep your car smelling clean

No matter how often you clean your car, there always comes a point when the freshness fades and other odors kick in. You ward off unpleasant odors but sometimes you could only do so much.

So to spare you from over-exerting yourself, here are a few tips to help you maintain the clean-smelling aura of your car.

1. Spray an odor-neutralizer
When odors get extra aggressive and they just keep coming back, make sure you have extra measures such as odor neutralizers to combat them. Don’t use your car immediately after spraying though, as these sprays can get overwhelming right after they disperse to the air. Let your car stand for around 5 minutes after spraying the neutralizer, with your air conditioner running. This spreads the spray evenly so it doesn’t spike your nose when you get inside the car. Spray only an estimated amount proportionate to the intensity of the odor, as excess sprays take too long to blend with the air.

2. Clean the dashboards
Anything that might cause drippings can cause odors when they accumulate on surfaces. So make sure you don’t let those sticky liquid rings stay too long on your dashboards if they ever spill. Make it a habit to check your dashboards before leaving your car to park for the night.

3. Utilize glass cleaner
Keep your windows and windshield clean as they may accumulate particulates from the air, causing faint smells unpleasant to the nose.

4. Beat out floor mats
Keep your floors clean by constantly taking out floor mats and beating them clean of particulates that might fall off during your day. Food and other matter might cause odors when left too long on your floor mats. So take them out constantly, as mud could also contain smelly matter that might pollute your car.

5. Vacuum regularly
Make sure surfaces under your floor mats are also free from odor causing matter. Keep them squeaky clean as often as you can, so they don’t bother you with unpleasant odors while on your trip to work or long drives outside the city.

Nothing beats cleanliness in our surroundings, even inside our cars. Clean surfaces exude only clean smells, so keep that proportion as often you can. Not only are your passengers happy, but your lungs would be too. Minimize the cause of odors, and you’ll find you spend lesser for air fresheners in the long run. Keep your car as minimalist as possible in terms of unnecessary items and litter, and you’ll have an easy round of cleaning next time.

So for your next long drive, you’ll have a great time singing along in the car because of its clean and fresh smell.

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