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5 Books That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

If you’re looking for books that’ll inspire you to travel, then you might find some surprises in these titles you wouldn’t naturally think is connected with travelling. Books that inspire one to travel don’t necessarily have to be travelogues. They can actually be short stories or novels that were turned to successful movies. So prepare to book your plane tickets now as the following books inspire your wanderlust, and passion to see new places and experience different cultures.


1.       The Great Railway BazaarPaul Theroux

Narrating a man’s wayward journey across Asia and Europe, The Great Railway Bazaar throws its readers into a world of mysterious experiences. It’s been 30 years since the book has been published and has long been regarded as the travel novel, making it a good read to start with if you’re just getting into the genre.

2.       The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost Rachel Friedman

While this is a much lighter read, that doesn’t mean Friedman’s work isn’t smart, pithy and witty. Rachel, who’s a self-critical protagonist, uses a rather refreshing balance of sincerity and sarcasm to accurately depict what being a solo female traveller feels like.

3.       Little Princess – Conor Grennan

For the protagonist of the tale, everything started with his wanderlust. Conor Grennan, the author, first looked at volunteering in Nepal as a way to go out and see the world. That first trip in the region is already enough to spark his lifelong passion of saving trafficked children and returning them to their families.


4.       The Diary of Frida Kahlo – Carlos Fuentes and Frida Kahlo

Kahlo’s diary wasn’t meant to be considered as ‘travel writing.’ In fact, it was not written to be read by the public at all. Still, Frida Kahlo beautifully documented her colourful and painful life with drawings and words that paints a picture of the post-revolution 20th century Mexico.

5.       Our Man in Havana – Graham Greene

Our Man in Havana is one of the few books that manages to capture the pre-Castro Cuba of decadence and daiquiris. The book is simply chock full of an ironic spy drama that will keep you laughing, but still manages to share important ideas about international affairs and social class – all the while making you wish that you could spend your remaining days on an island.

With great inspiration comes great adventure. So start reading through any of these books now and be prepared to take on your own adventure.


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