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4 Must-Know Tips When Travelling With Pets

As airlines and hotels start to cater more for our four-legged friends, a lot of people are already starting to enjoy the benefits of travelling with their pets. Several airlines already offer frequent flyer miles for cats and dogs that are always on the go, while hotels have already started offering pampering services like providing gourmet treats, personalized beds and turndown services. So to get the most out of you vacation, here is a list of travel tips that will prepare both you and your pet for the road ahead.


1.       Familiarize Destination House Rules

If it’s your first time travelling to a particular place, then it would be best to be familiar with their animal immigration rules first. Do all the necessary research to ensure that you have all your bases properly covered. Also, make sure that you contact the embassy of your destination to get accurate information on their animal immigration rules. Some countries may require a quarantine period for your pet, while other may waive it if your pet passed all the needed requirements.

2.       Know Your Flight Options

Some airlines allow in-cabin carrying of pets, while some are limited to cargo transport only. Before deciding which flight to go with, check on your vet first to see what’s safe for your pet’s situation, then check flights that will be travelling from your home country to your travel destination.

Once you’ve determined the best airline for you and your pets, immediately book the flight. Keep in mind that airlines only allow a limited number of animals to be taken on board, so make sure that you made some reservations before buying your own seat.


3.       Check on Hotel Accommodations

While most hotels still don’t cater to animals, more and more establishment are already starting to offer this option. Check some online sites to see the list of pet-friendly hotels around the world. Also, get your pet accustomed to the new surroundings before your trip so that he won’t be barking his head off as soon as you leave him in the hotel to go sightseeing.

4.       Visit the Vet

Before you start booking your flight and accommodation, we suggest that you go and visit your vet first. Having a serious illness may prevent your pet from entering a country, or worse, may cause him some serious harm. Also, find out all the potential health threats in your destination to keep your pet free from endemic diseases.

Unlike your usual trips, bringing your pet along on your next getaway may require several considerations. So before you go booking flights and accommodations for you and your four-legged friend, make sure that you do the above mentioned first to ensure that you and your fur ball will get the most out of your escapade.

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