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2017 National Geographic Traveller’s List


They say that money cannot buy you happiness but travel does. You cannot travel without money so when you do not travel, work hard and then trot the world harder. When it is time to mark the map, it is best to read first. You have to read so you will know where to go next. Why not consider 2017 National Geographic Traveller’s list?

Travel experts compiled a list for your next vacation spot come 2017. What are the measure for coming up with the list? The editor, Pat Riddell, explained that destinations are based in three categories – what is happening, what is interesting and what is in it for the traveller. The audience are British readers. Last month, National Geographic Traveller released their top picks too starting from Banff, Cloud Forests, Seoul and Moscow. The destinations were identified according to categories from nature, cities and culture.

Going back to National Geographic’s best destinations, here is the list:

  1. Donegal: Donegal is a town in Ireland. There is a person why Donegal is a place of interest. Aside from its history, it is an area of sandy beaches (since it sits at the mouth of Donegal Bay and River Eske). The beaches are known for its good surfing condition. The town is now popular for its role in the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode VII.


  1. Santiago: Santiago is the largest city and the capital of Chile. It is one of the coolest places to visit because of its surviving neoclassical architecture not to mention the art deco and neogothic inspirations.


  1. Helsinki: Helsinki is the largest city and the capital of Finland. The city has close connections historically speaking with Stockholm (Sweden), Tallinn (Estonia) and Saint Petersburg (Russia). The city has tons of museums (the biggest is National Museum of Finland), theatres and with music and art influences.

  1. Greenland: Greenland is a sovereign located in between Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. Before being autonomous, the country is closely associated to Denmark and Norway. Greenland is not very famous travel spot but it is slowly gaining supporters as the country is host to various flora & fauna and sea &land species.


  1. Peru: Peru is a famous destination for many travelers together with its neighbours Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. What makes this country famous? It is where the Amazon Basin and Andes Mountains lies. The rainforest is the destination for scientists and even travellers.

While Singapore is not included on the list, it remains one of the most visited countries in the world.

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